Leo career Horoscope


June 2024 - This month, success comes your way.

Jupiter in Gemini trines Pluto in Aquarius on June 2. Leo, a new contact could turn out to be much more instrumental than you expected. Someone you know is well connected or can show you how to make the most of the connections you have.

On the sixth, there is a new moon in Gemini. Leo, no matter how you feel about technology, it can be very helpful for you, especially now. And there are so many options and people who will help you get up to speed. You might be looking at fully automating a process or finding a virtual assistant who lives on the other side of the world.

June 21 brings the full moon in Capricorn. Leo, you are really in the flow now. You are more focused and able to get tasks done, checking them off your list one by one. This is a good time to tackle things you’ve been procrastinating about.

On the twenty-ninth, Saturn goes retrograde in Pisces. Leo, it’s a good idea to look over your long-term investments from top to bottom. Block out the time you need to investigate whether these are the right investments for you, as well as what kinds of fees you’re paying for financial services.

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