Aquarius career Horoscope


December 2023 - This month, the key is in the timing.

On December 12, there is a new moon in Sagittarius and Mercury goes retrograde. Aquarius, you might be all set to deliver a significant pitch to a client or ready for a job opportunity when everything suddenly comes to a halt. Don’t be disheartened. Surprisingly, this pause could work to your advantage.

On the twentieth, Venus in Scorpio opposes Uranus in Taurus. Aquarius, changes at your workplace could leave you feeling quite frustrated. However, before you voice your feelings too loudly, pause for a moment. The information circulating today could be more speculative than factual.

On December 26, a full moon illuminates Cancer. Aquarius, you could find yourself swamped with tasks at the moment. This could be particularly advantageous if you’re a business owner or involved in sales. If you’re part of a team in a larger organization, you might notice that your team is operating with fewer members right now. Don’t put undue pressure on yourself when working with a reduced workforce.

Jupiter goes direct in Taurus on the thirtieth. Aquarius, there could be some promising real estate opportunities on the horizon. Consider the possibility of collaborating with others to pool resources for investments. Exploring various real estate derivatives might also pique your interest.

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