Sagittarius career Horoscope


December 2023 - This month, delays might be working in your favor.

On December 12, there is a new moon in Sagittarius and Mercury goes retrograde. Sagittarius, just when you’re ready to leap into action and charge forward, you encounter one obstacle after another. Despite the frustration, these setbacks could actually prove to be beneficial. They give you the opportunity to review your plans before moving ahead.

On the twentieth, Venus in Scorpio opposes Uranus in Taurus. Sagittarius, you might find you have a strong desire to do things differently. However, making abrupt changes to procedures, especially on a whim, could lead to further delays and increased frustration. It’s advisable to step away from the situation for now.

On December 26, there’s a full moon in Cancer. Sagittarius, you’re in a favorable position when it comes to loans, grants, and other types of funding. This is an excellent time to finalize applications for bank loans or government funds or set up a crowdfunding page. While you might not feel inclined to complete online applications at this moment, the energy is on your side for such endeavors.

Jupiter goes direct in Taurus on the thirtieth, which means your workload is about to increase. Sagittarius, the coming months are likely to be quite busy for you.

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