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April 2024 - April is an eventful astrological month because it begins with Mercury retrograde. It marks the start of a period of reassessment and introspection, since the trickster planet moves backward in Aries from the first to the twenty-fifth.

Venus enters Aries on April 4, amplifying our passions and prompting us to take action on romantic connections. When Venus is in Aries, it compels us to put in the effort to establish connections with others. We become determined to ensure that we are building strong relationships with those who matter to us. However, due to the short attention span associated with Venus in Aries, it is likely that we may become bored and seek excitement by stirring up trouble or moving on to new connections.

On the eighth, the solar eclipse occurs in Aries, pushing us to make necessary changes and grow. While there may be some disharmony due to the eclipse being in the passionate sign of Aries, it’s important to reflect before reacting.

The sun entering Taurus on April 19 creates a grounding effect for everyone, as well as a hedonistic and creative time for everyone. This is the middle of spring, when we can enjoy nature and feel connected to the romanticism perfuming the air.

On the twentieth, when expansive Jupiter connects with rebellious Uranus in Taurus, be aware of significant changes that might occur and potential instabilities in various aspects of your life. Keep an eye out for earthquakes, financial concerns, or problems in relationships, because they may become prominent themes of the day.

On April 23, the full moon in Scorpio propels us toward transformation and new beginnings.

Finally, Venus enters Taurus on the twenty-ninth, bringing sensuality and creativity, while action planet Mars moves into Aries the next day, prompting us to push ourselves to the limit.
Quote of the Day It always seems impossible until it is done. – Nelson Mandela