Five Numerology Horoscope


December 2023 - It’s the holiday season, a season of coming together and spending time with the people you love and treasure. And you’ll be feeling that love extra hard this season because your December will be influenced by the number six, the “parent” of numerology. Whether you’re going home for the holiday, hosting the festivities at your place, or starting your own family, it truly is a time to come together.

However, you’ll quickly realize that happy holidays don’t just appear by magic. You’ll actually have to do some adulting to make things happen. Extra responsibility will be thrown onto you during this busy time, which can leave you feeling stressed and frustrated. However, it will be worth it when everyone gets together to share in the magic. Make peace with your loved ones, repair those burned bridges, and find harmony so you can begin the new year with happiness and light. Enjoy!

What is Numerology?

Numerology is an ancient study that draws meaning from different numbers, number combinations, letters, and symbols in your life. This art can help us tap into the underlying patterns of the universe and reveal new truths about who we are.

What's a Life-Path Number?

Your Life-Path number is probably the most influential numerological aspect to be considered. This number is determined by your birth date and represents who you are at this time. It indicates specific traits that are present and will likely be active and influential throughout your lifetime. Enter your birth information below to calculate your Life Path Number and get your Daily Numeroscope:

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