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Dec 4, 2023 - Dec 10, 2023 - Ghosted (Apple TV+): A down-to-earth guy falls for an alluring and unique woman, and they fall in love with one another. This plays out like your typical romance — until he finds out that she's a secret agent, and they wind up embarking on an international adventure. Part romance and part thriller, Ghosted is the perfect good-time movie for you this week, Virgo. Plus, thanks to some cosmic action involving your ruling planet Mercury, you might be feeling ready to add some extra adventure and passion into your love life right now, too!

Bonus Pick: As a practical-minded Virgo, you excel at giving advice — so you'll love the weird and wacky concept of the show How To with John Wilson. This unique comedy docuseries follows filmmaker John Wilson as he attempts to give viewers advice on various mundane topics, all while wandering the streets of New York and dealing with issues in his personal life. The series ran for three seasons and just aired its final episode in September. You can find the whole show streaming on Max.

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