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Dec 4, 2023 - Dec 10, 2023 - For All Mankind (Apple TV+): What if the excellent "space race" of the 20th century never slowed down, and humans continued to push the boundaries of cosmological exploration? That's exactly the concept explored in the fascinating sci-fi series For All Mankind. The show illustrates an alternate version of the past and present, featuring fictionalized versions of actual historical figures who have shaped the political and astronomical paradigms of the world today. As a bold and brave Aries, you'll appreciate the characters' trailblazing spirits. The fourth season just kicked off last month, so get caught up, and you can watch in real-time.

Bonus Pick: The moon will light up your relationship sector this week, which might put you in the mood for a rom-com. But of course, you like your love stories with an exciting dose of danger, so The Lost City, streaming on Paramount+, is just right. This comedy tells the story of a romance novelist and her hunky cover model as they promote her newest title together. But when the author is kidnapped by a billionaire who believes she knows the location of an ancient hidden treasure, her leading man must embark on a wild jungle adventure to find her.

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